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Making a wild guess. You’re here because:

  • You’re expecting
  • You’re expected to gift someone who is expecting
  • You’re a pro, expected to come up with the greatest nursery ideas for someone who is expecting

Wawomb helps you create contemporary kid’s interiors and modern nursery rooms that fuse seamlessly into the adult living space without compromising the overall design philosophy of your home.

Handmade evolution with artful dresser knobs, wall hooks, mobiles, art prints and pillows (and and and…) for wee peeps and their grown-ups.

Visually stimulating baby nursery décor which adds that little ‘whimsy’ needed to spark your child’s imagination (and inspiring storytelling) without compromising functionality.

Minimal effort – great impact

An easy solution for those crazy exciting times ahead.

The story

Living in a small rental with big dreams for owning a cool loft or a renovated flat in our home town of Lisbon, Portugal, we opted to invest in timeless designer and heirloom furniture and a minimal decoration.

So, when we were expecting, we wanted the nursery to have the same artistic, modern practical feel, with furniture our daughter could grow with, without them haunting her teenage years.

Applying fancy wallpaper or painting outrageous murals that take a Homeric effort to get rid of and going all ‘Disney-wild’ wasn’t an option.

I encountered a void for this kind of product in the online world of handmade.

Knobs, handles, wall hooks for organization, mobiles for baby stimulation, prints for the wall and other nursery décor can be used (altered and removed) with minimal effort.

Being a trained designer I gave birth not only to a beautiful girl, but also a complete line of design objects for kid’s rooms, all of the mentioned above.

Every piece you will encounter here is conceived as part of a collection to create a cohesive uncluttered look that is soothing yet stimulating and lets you focus on what is important.

Selected items are limited edition and will only be available until stock lasts.

Since all products are hand assembled and finished, colours are customizable within the range offered, giving you the most personalization possible to achieve the uniqueness you crave.

If you need help, advice, information or just want to say “hi”, feel free to drop a line.

Kind regards

Stephanie Gérard


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